About Us


JOY FM is a Christian “Outreach” Radio station geared to the 18+ demographic, with the desire to spread the Joy of Jesus to all and make a true impact in our local community.  Our format is not “Christian-ease”, but rather, lets the music speak for itself, as we engage with the listening audience through meaningful purpose driven local events.

JOY FM offers a variety of songs from the past as well as the future with hints of Christian country, rock, and alternative music.

Sunday mornings break our traditional music format with a listening block of local pastor’s preaching 20 to 30 minute sermons. The airtime is given to the churches for free as a way to give back to our community and really make an impact for the Kingdom.  The messages are from local churches, giving you the listener, an opportunity to actually go to one of these local churches and get plugged in.  Sunday afternoons continue with a discipleship program geared to helping our listeners grow stronger relationships with their Creator.  Hosted by a local discipleship pastor David Edwards, this Live call in talk show will tackle the tough issues Christians face in this broken world.

JOY FM is a ministry first.  It is designed to attract the christian community and non-christian. Our goal is to spread Joy and Love throughout our community by engaging with them in real relationships that show we truly care about them.  It is only then that we can reveal to them how to having a real restored relationship with their Creator.

JOY FM is not listener supported. We are a commercial licensed station and we are supported by local advertisers.  When selecting advertisers for the station, we at JOY FM strive to select key partners that are willing to truly help out our community, not just sell things to it. We want to minister to these businesses as well by putting relationships over dollars to help them grow and succeed.   If we do our job right, we will reach our true goal: To Love, Strengthen and Grow our listeners and advertising partners to a closer, loving relationship with their Heavenly Father, so they can truly “Feel the Joy!”.



Putting Jesus first in your life, will always make things right.