Crockett First Assembly Needs Volunteers

As the need for emergency relief becomes greater throughout Texas, we are formulating some avenues for those who have a desire to help out.

First is the need for prayer. Pray for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey and then also for the many emergency responders that will be working in hazardous conditions. Pray that the churches will rise up and be the hands and feet of Christ in this hour of need.

Second is the need for funds. If anyone would like to give towards the relief effort, They can give through Crockett First Assembly and we will forward all funds to the North Texas Disaster Response Team. They are currently setting up a 5000 person shelter along with the American Red Cross at the Dallas Convention Center.

Third is the need for workers. We are partnering with David Beaulieu with Christ in Action from here in Houston county. He will be helping to set up an Emergency Response Command Center this weekend in the most strategic area that they can find. Crockett First Assembly will be assisting them in the first leg of that work this Sunday and we are looking for volunteers who want to join in. We will leave Sunday afternoon and return either Monday evening or Tuesday depending on the time that the group can commit to. After that, we can make plans to make as many trips as necessary to help out. Anyone who wants to deploy with Christ in Action must register online.

Finally, many people have asked about donating items such as food, water, and hygiene products to the relief effort. Currently gift cards are suggested and they will be delivered to Christ in Action this weekend so that they can fill the greatest need that the people are dealing with. As far as other items, Betty Frizzell is helping to coordinate a collection area at Betty Boops in Crockett. They will make sure that these items are taken to the areas that the needs are the greatest.      
Be Blessed.

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