Goodbye DJ Ocho

We say goodbye to Lufkin DJ Alonso Guillen

With heavy hearts we say Goodbye to a fellow broadcaster who went missing trying to help evacuate Harvey victims.. I think Y100’s post says it all… “They say that life is not about the years you live but how you spent the time in that dash between those years. Ocho lived life, put a smile on everyone’s face and made everyone around him better. He worked hard at everything he did and made life a little more enjoyable for everyone around him! A truly selfless man, he spent the last hours of his life helping others in a time of need. Please remember Alonso “Dj Ocho”, say a prayer for him and help us help his family in the coming days.”

Our hearts go out to his co-workers and friends at Y100.1 in Lufkin. We pray they stay strong through this tough time. We thank you God for Alonso’s heart to help others and honor you. Thank you for his brave sacrifice to help strangers in need, so they might live. Alonso is a perfect example of Christ’s love. Christ died for us so that we could have eternal life.

DJ OCHO, you will always be remembered!


Full News story Here.